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PagarBook Staff Attendance Payroll App

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PagarBook, India’s Best Payroll and Attendance Management Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises, has some products specially designed to help your business needs.

Pagarbook Premium App
PagarBook Premium App

Track staff attendance, and salaries, and make payments in one click. Manage Payslips and send an automatic SMS notification to keep your staff updated. Track all your business needs with intelligent reports.

Pagarbook Desktop
PagarBook Desktop

An App comes with premium features like selfie & location-based attendance management, multiple business partners and manager mode, customized salary slips & reports, and automated compliance management (PF/ESI Calculation).

Pagarbook Lens
PagarBook Lens​

PagarBook Staff App lets your staff view & mark their attendance with selfie & GPS location, download your salary slips, and keep track of their payments.

Pagarbook Staff App
Pagarbook Staff App

Convert any android device into a face attendance system, powered by AI Technology. Get real-time updates on attendance and salary calculation across all hierarchies.

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Track staff attendance on the go

  • Track staff attendance marked with selfie, location, or face biometric-based.
  • Managers can approve attendance, mark absent, late-fine/overtime, etc. with a single click of a button.

Manage staff salary, advance, deduction, & compliance

  • Manage salary payments for your permanent and contract-based staff.
  • Record advances, deductions, loans, or other compliances and generate a customized payslip for your staff.
PagarBook 2
PagarBook 3

Track salary payment, cashflow & pay online

  • Easy online payments for your staff salary, advance in one click.
  • Track your business expenses, cash in, and cash out on a single dashboard.

Automated SMS notifications to your staff and vendors

  • Keep your staff updated by sending notifications for attendance, late fines, and payments.
  • Receive reminders to help you manage your staff and business seamlessly.
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