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Teramind Employee Monitoring Tool Software

Track employee performance and activity through Teramind’s employee monitoring software.

You know you have allotted tasks to your employees at the workplace. What you want to know next is whether your employees are effectively utilizing their time. You want a solution that helps you track what your employees do-whether they work from home or from an office. Teramind’s powerful employee monitoring tool is the solution to these problems. Break free from uncertainty about what your employees are doing.

Secure data and increase performance with Teramind Employee Monitoring Tool

With just a click of a few buttons, do you wonder what it would be like to view a central dashboard to view the activities of every single employee in your firm?

Compare idle time versus actual time worked by employees to analyze and improve organizational productivity.

Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed Assets are important assets of any business, and they are to be replenished after some time due to wear during the usage in running the business.  Hence, FAMS helps you record the asset’s expected life, track them, and optimise the use of the same. It also helps in the asset’s upkeep with timely maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.

The Challenge with Fixed Assets

When you run a business, tracking multiple fixed assets like buildings, machinery, vehicles, tools, IT assets, furniture etc. becomes challenging. You need to ensure you can manage assets efficiently.

Always know the status of your fixed assets

Always know the status of your fixed assets with tools like Tracet or Spine. Identify assets and their health, track their movements, and automate physical verification using bar codes or other RFID technologies to track their location.

One Software to Manage All Fixed Assets

Ensure compliance with fully automated calculations, reduce costs with streamlined contracts management, and ensure asset security through one single software to ensure business efficiency.


Depreciation calculation based on the companies act, Income tax act. Depreciation methods like SLM, WDV, etc are available. This helps in compliance management and helps generate reports required by the auditors.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage assets throughout their lifecycle from procurement to retirement and ensure fixed assets visibility-anytime, anywhere and replenish / re-instate at the right time .

HR & payroll Management

Human Resources are critical resources for any organization. People management can be best driven with having the right policies for the right people and allowing the entire organisation to have a visibility of the same. There are various processes to manage these resources – starting from recruitment, onboarding, appraisal, EPF , ESIC , TDS and other regulatory compliance. 

Why HR & Payroll Management?

Complete employee information tracking.

Easy pay structure creation

Design your own employee pay structure as per your organization’s policies and easily access information from one place as and when required.

Clear Tax-for GST filing

GST – Goods and service tax was started in July 2017 and is a culmination of multiple taxes into one. It has been simplified and unified across all states of India and is driven by technology.  It demands real time compliance and the repurcussions of non – compliance are huge.

Why choose Clear Tax’s GST Billing Software?

Today, we have to have an accounting system in place which helps in generating the e-way Bill or e-invoice depending on the nature & scale of business.  The Input Tax Credit is the most vulnerable amount which has lot of ambiguity in claiming as it is completely dependant on the Vendor / supplier filing their GST returns. Further, the annual returns are so complex to understand and file that you need an expert to compile this data. Cleartax helps you in these.

Tax-saving reconciliations to reduce errors

Eliminate filing errors and ensure accuracy while complying with GST norms with an all-in-one GST software

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