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How can PagarBook help manage staff attendance and salaries?


Managing staff attendance and salaries is a task that every company must perform regularly. How can you ensure you perform this task quickly and save time for the most critical business activities? Here, the need for efficient software which helps staff mark their attendance and employers quickly approve the attendance becomes necessary. PagarBook is one staff management and payroll management software for small and medium-scale enterprises that makes record keeping simpler for your business.

Here’s how PagarBook can help you:

Helps record salary and overtime payments

Are you still relying on conventional methods like paper and excel sheets to record salary and overtime payments? Do you believe it is challenging to keep track of the number of hours your staff worked online? PagarBook helps simplify attendance and salary record-keeping for you. For example, through PagarBook’s dashboard, you can easily view whether a staff member was present for the full day, half-day, or was absent. Similarly, you can view the staff salary and the number of hours for which the staff worked overtime and view staff members’ paid leaves or late fines.

The PagarBook app makes attendance record keeping easier, and innovatively helps a staff member mark their attendance through the touchless facial attendance system. The system replaces the usual biometric attendance. Let’s explore how this innovative system replaces traditional biometric attendance. Read on to know more.

PagarBook Lens (Touchless Facial Attendance)

PagarBook Lens is a new, innovative attendance solution. One can install this on any device. It works on the AI technology principle, and the time the staff member marks their attendance is captured. 

GPS Location-Based Attendance

Suppose there is a medium-scale enterprise with business branches in many different locations, and some staff members keep rotating for work between multiple office locations. With PagarBook in place, it becomes easier to transparently track which staff member was working from which location on which day. For example, the retail headquarters may be in Gurugram, Haryana, but the office locations may also be in Noida and Delhi. Here, location-based selfie attendance can prove to be helpful. The staff member can mark their attendance based on which business branch they work from on a specific date.


Automated Notifications

Do you wish there was a method for you to be able to send notifications to staff members easily? With PagarBook, this becomes possible. For example, if your staff member came late to the office or if they are eligible for overtime payments, the employer can instantly send SMS notifications to the staff member. Hence, you and your staff member will stay up to date regarding staff attendance and salary payments.

Payroll Management 

Many things need to be considered while managing a staff member’s payroll. With PagarBook, whether there are advance payments, deductions, or overtime payments, the payroll of all staff members can be seen. Additionally, salary payslips can be generated and shared with staff almost instantly, ensuring they are well aware of their dues.

Manager Assignment for Marking Attendance

Do you feel that managing staff members yourself is a tedious task? Well, you can assign managers to help you with this task. With PagarBook, you can provide administrator access to your team members. For example, it can allow them to record the attendance data, approve staff attendance with software, and add information like overtime or late fine to the staff member’s account.

Intelligent Salary and Payment Reporting for Analysis

Not only does PagarBook make salary management more manageable, it also makes way for reports. Reports help show the staff salaries and other payment details like overtime or fines. Hence, one can easily use the obtained information for decision-making in their business. You can also view the salary breakup, the entire staff payment salary, and the payment log in a single place.

PagarBook simplifies the management of staff attendance and salaries in your business. Want to experience this simplicity in your business with staff attendance software and payroll management software? Click here to learn more about the PagarBook app.



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