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Achieve business goals with
technological mobile app solutions

Businesses today have become dynamic and hence information is required while on the move. Further, to manage teams on the move or in the field, it becomes difficult to provide them with inventory information for order taking, customer outstanding information, or information to decide the quantity of goods which can be sold to them.

Expedite decision-making with mobile apps

Increase efficiency by improving the decision-making process within your organization through various information provided by mobile applications such as Biz Analyst, CredFlow, PagarBook, and Salesforce.

Zero Barriers to Smooth Business Functioning

With Biz Analyst, CredFlow PagarBook, and Salesforce, there will be zero barriers to smooth business functioning. View business data in one mobile application from any location and use insights from data for better planning.

GreytHR HRMS Software Nandini Infosys

GreytHR - Cloud Based HRMS
Payroll Software

GreytHR provide provides one of the best cloud-based HRMS Payroll Software for small to medium-sized businesses to keep track of their staff attendance, salary, payments, and compliances. The easy-to-use mobile & desktop application enables SMEs to handle all their employee-related tasks in a single app that synchronizes across multiple devices in real time.


On-Time Payments
with CredFlow, Always

With CredFlow, eliminate dependence on collection managers, automate payment reminders and manage your cash flows. Ensure proper financial management within your business and make way for improved profitability.

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Data-driven decisions for growth
with Biz Analyst

With Biz Analyst, sync your data with Tally ERP9/Prime and access your Tally ERP9 data anytime, anywhere. View business reports and analyze data to improve business productivity. Every business owner using Tally should have this app to get more out of his business as data is available anytime on his mobile device.

Manage customer relationships
better with Salesforce

With SalesForce, connect different business functions like field sales, optimum order management, collections, broadcast messages, define KPIs, claims management, and many more best practices like beat planning, expense management, attendance tracking, etc., which help you provide dealers and distributors with a high quality of service.

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Get your business data on the go

Receive critical business data about your industry.

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