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Through TallyPrime, business processes like Sales order, Purchase order, accounting, inventory management, statutory and compliance viz GST, TDS, banking, payroll, trial balance, profit & loss account, balance sheet, etc. can be performed.

Both accountants and non-accountants who require financial information (business owners, managers, department heads, etc.) can use TallyPrime. Through our Tally Implementation Services, anyone can easily learn TallyPrime as we guide businesses and help them use TallyPrime in their business

Factors such as network disruptions, power failures, and system reboots do not impact the software’s reliability. TallyPrime’s software does not corrupt and your business data remains safe in your hands.

Users can access TallyPrime through multiple electronic devices like web browsers and mobile phones.

Accounting, inventory, financial, management control, and statutory reports can be prepared using TallyPrime.

These are the steps that need to be followed:

  1. Download TallyPrime on your computer. Go to
  2. Install the software
  3. You can now use TallyPrime’s various features either on your own or take the help of a consultant or use the online help

TallyPrime can be used through both a keyboard and a mouse. Since Tally is an accounting application, the numbers are to be keyed in, so it’s recommended to use a mouse only for navigation.

Sometimes, you may be using Tally but you may not be able to use certain functions of your business which are not available in default software. This means that the software may not be able to adapt to business needs. In such cases, Tally Customization is required. Invoice customization, print labels, document attachment, approval workflow and auto backup are examples of features you can use.

CRM-Customer Relationship Management

The following parameters can help you determine whether you require a CRM solution for your business:

  • Lead or prospect information is not readily available to help make sales decisions
  • You are managing data manually through notebooks, spreadsheets, etc.
  • You are sending quotations to enquiries received from customers and then negotiating with customers at different stages. 
  • Your business functions are not intertwined with each other and details about customers are not known

Yes, CRM software users can access the software remotely or on a mobile app.

CRM systems refer to systems that track prospects, customer details, etc. On the other hand, ERP systems help automate all aspects of the business like finance, operations, and human resource management. Unlike CRM systems, ERP systems do not focus on customer acquisition, retention, and marketing communications targeted towards customers.

While spreadsheets and tables are great tools for collecting and organising data, it becomes difficult to view trends through them. For example, multiple spreadsheets may be created and data may not be available at one central location. This makes it difficult to make decisions in the business and a lot of critical time is wasted, which can be spent more productively on other business activities.

CRM software benefits employees as they can easily know about prospects, details about marketing communications sent to them, etc., which will help them know if they still need to reach out to prospects, close clients, etc

Yes. Through CRM software, real-time customer updates can be sent and the entire customer journey can be mapped. Hence, business processes are simplified.

These are the main benefits of CRM software:

  • Easy lead tracking
  • Saves time for employees
  • Enables better decision-making
  • Improves customer experience and satisfaction
  • Easier lead conversion

Employee Monitoring Tool Software (Teramind)

These are the main benefits of Teramind’s employee monitoring software:

  • Help increase employee productivity
  • Track all user activity
  • Help boost employee performance
  • Ensure data security

Employee concerns about monitoring tools can be resolved through prompt communication with them. Tell your employees that they will know how much time needs to be spent on multiple business activities and this will help them plan their day better.

Teramind’s employee monitoring software utilises intelligent behaviour analysis to determine any abnormalities/performance variations that vary from the normal behavioural baseline.

Teramind combines the following tools to provide insights to employees:

  • Video and session recordings
  • Behaviour and risk reports
  • Logs
  • OCR Search
  • Audio recordings

Teramind’s tools help obtain data like the number of times a file is accessed, usage patterns, entity roles, project activities, and the time of the day when employees work. Based on this data, it can be ascertained whether employees are effectively utilising their working hours.

These are the different kinds of objects that Teramind’s employee monitoring software tracks:

  • Web Pages
  • Applications
  • Emails
  • Console Commands
  • File transfers
  • Instant messages
  • Social media
  • Online meetings
  • Keystrokes
  • Clipboard
  • Searches
  • Printings
  • On-screen contents

These are the three different versions of Teramind employee monitoring software:

Teramind Starter: Screen and live view and website/application tracking

Teramind UAM: Track user activity, audit, forensics, UBA, policies and rules

Teramind DLP: This is an extension of Teramind UAM. Plus, you can track content-based data exfiltration rules.

Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed asset management software helps track all your assets. You can calculate & manage the life of the asset by applying depreciation as per the law or business need e.g, SLM, WDV etc and also plan for replacement of the assets due to wear & tear with usage of the same. You can also plan preventive maintenance and improve the health of the assets as and when required.

Automation of fixed assets will take place through barcodes, QR codes, and RFID technologies

Our Services

Tally Implementation

Tally Implementation services help individuals use the software optimally. They will be able to strategically personalise the Tally software according to their business needs and add functionalities required to operate the business more efficiently and with better controls.

Business Intelligence Solutions

These are the main benefits of business intelligence solutions:

  • Extract meaningful information using data
  • View all business reports from one central location
  • Optimise your business’s internal processes
  • Improve your decision-making capabilities with deep insights

Through business intelligence solutions, you can see data related to your business functions like sales, inventories, etc. Compare the data for a period, understand the trends, analyse the patterns and behaviour of the customers for purchases payments etc . Analyse your input costs and compare with the margins generated in the business. Through this data, you can know how to best optimise your business processes and make decisions that will help you obtain a competitive advantage over rivals in the market.

Yes, all types of businesses can benefit from business intelligence solutions. These solutions can help you view data in varied formats like charts, graphs, tables, etc.

Secondary Sales & Stock Visibility Solution

Secondary sales & stock visibility solutions have the following benefits:

  • Help ascertain the level of stock at any given point of time
  • Help view the business’s supply chain
  • Ensure efficient order management and fulfillment across their distribution channel

Cloud Infra for Anytime, Anywhere Access

Cloud computing infrastructure means the combination of hardware and software that helps enable online computing power, storage, security and networking. Users can access their documents/data from any location with the help of cloud infrastructure solutions.

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