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Our new product TallyPrime takes innovative technology to a new level, as a connected environment with GSTIN portal, unleashing the user interface and improving the user experience through features like saving the reports, Quick search, the Go-To Button, making you start the automation, or making your switch to Tally simpler than ever before. You can now discover the product much more easily and make the product do more for you, without learning anything new. There is greater flexibility as the product adapts to your business and your ways of working. The transformed look and feel will only make you love the product even more.

Introducing the new revolutionary Tally Prime

TallyPrime enables complete management of all business functions like inventories, accounting, statutory and compliance, banking, payroll, etc. You can use multiple Tally Modules to meet business requirements.

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Tally Prime Gold

TallyPrime Gold is required for businesses with more than 1 user for working on data concurrently.

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Tally Prime Silver

TallyPrime Silver is the ideal solution for businesses who only need one computer to carry out their business operations.

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TallyPrime-Auditor’s Edition

TallyPrime Auditor’s Edition is ideal for chartered accountants seeking to increase the accuracy of their account auditing process.

-Perform statutory audits and meet compliance requirements faster

-Generate financial records like balance sheets and profit and loss accounts easily

-Save time spent verifying and validating information

-Easily view client data in one location

-View analysis reports and audit status through the dashboard

Tally Prime Server

TallyPrime Server offers powerful data server capabilities over the Gold license. This server-based Data Architecture unleashes greater concurrency, secured data access, and advanced monitoring capabilities. TallyPrime Server is truly an Enterprise Class product that helps fast-growing medium and large businesses improve their business efficiencies.

-Secure data access for businesses

-Advanced monitoring capabilities

-View and prepare reports easily

-Take a look at transactions in real-time

-Perform actions without the risk of downtime

-Monitor user sessions easily and view progress

-Optimize business processes to ensure productivity

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(According To Your Requirements)

TallyPrime-Rental is ideal for users who wish to use Tally for only a short time. Users do not have to invest money in buying a new Tally software if they opt for this method.

Why switch to TallyPrime?

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Simplification like never before

With TallyPrime, simplify business processes like never before. The processes can meet your individual needs.

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Increased Supply Chain Visibility

Increase supply chain visibility and view inventories and inventory status. Improve business efficiency and streamline all operations with Tally.

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Improved Client Experience

Tally Accounting Software offers clients a great experience and makes navigation using bars easier with “Go to “ feature

Get TallyPrime for your business Today

TallyPrime is the latest release of Tally, with a simplified, smarter, and easy-to-navigate interface & features which will enable you to enhance your Tally experience & run your business hassle-free.

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