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Stronger customer relationships

Stay connected with customers and streamline CRM processes with software. Track conversions across channels and offer an experience that your clients will love.

A System For Business Excellence

Delivering excellence to your customer is the key to ensuring customer retention in your organization. Add value to your customers by engaging with them through personalized communication strategies. Track your sales pipeline through a CRM database, grow your business and improve profitability. 11

Growth that gets you ahead of competitors

Through CRM, grow and get ahead of competitors in the market by using forecasts and customer data to make better decisions. When your choices favour your customers, it’s a win for your business.

Best CRM for small business. With our software, you can:

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Close more deals

Send personalized marketing communications at the right time. Close more business deals through strategic targeting.

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Automate your business

Save time for critical business activities by leaving automation to us. Automate communication messages and track prospect activity.

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Improve customer service

Improve customer service by viewing client activity, strategising marketing campaigns, and tracking conversions across channels.

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Eliminate repetition

No more repetitions. Automate the sales process to add efficiency to your business operations like never before.

One Dashboard for All Relevant Information

One dashboard in CRM software can help users extract information from data like lead status, customer order status, the customer’s entire purchase history and customer service issues. Accelerate decision-making within your organization with the extracted information. Assign responsibility to team members and track the execution of tasks or tickets within specified timeline.

Communicate better with your customers

Know customer preferences and communicate better with your customers through personalized marketing communications. Ensure that you’re always able to provide customers with the experience they want.

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Why opt for CRM software?

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Analyse campaign effectiveness

Analyse the performance of marketing campaigns designed and make necessary refinements to deliver superior customer experiences.

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Resolve issues quicker

Resolve customer issues quicker by identifying customer concerns and queries that need to be resolved.

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Real-time updates

Get real-time prompts based on interactions with clients and use data to take the right actions in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding CRM Applications 

The following parameters can help you determine whether you require a CRM solution for your business:

  • Lead or prospect information is not readily available to help make sales decisions
  • You are managing data manually through notebooks, spreadsheets, etc.
  • You are sending quotations to enquiries received from customers and then negotiating with customers at different stages. 
  • Your business functions are not intertwined with each other and details about customers are not known

Yes, CRM software users can access the software remotely or on a mobile app.

CRM systems refer to systems that track prospects, customer details, etc. On the other hand, ERP systems help automate all aspects of the business like finance, operations, and human resource management. Unlike CRM systems, ERP systems do not focus on customer acquisition, retention, and marketing communications targeted towards customers.

While spreadsheets and tables are great tools for collecting and organising data, it becomes difficult to view trends through them. For example, multiple spreadsheets may be created and data may not be available at one central location. This makes it difficult to make decisions in the business and a lot of critical time is wasted, which can be spent more productively on other business activities.

CRM software benefits employees as they can easily know about prospects, details about marketing communications sent to them, etc., which will help them know if they still need to reach out to prospects, close clients, etc

Yes. Through CRM software, real-time customer updates can be sent and the entire customer journey can be mapped. Hence, business processes are simplified.

These are the main benefits of CRM software:

  • Easy lead tracking
  • Saves time for employees
  • Enables better decision-making
  • Improves customer experience and satisfaction
  • Easier lead conversion

Are you ready to experience the power of CRM?

Our team at Nandini Infosys can provide you with the guidance you need to determine the best products and services that can meet your software requirements.

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