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Here’s How You Can Improve The Productivity Of Your Sales Team


Have you ever thought about how your sales team would change if they were more productive? Your sales team and its productivity define the success of your organisation. Furthermore, they bring in the revenue and convert a cold lead into a prospective customer. Hence, boosting your sales team productivity would improve business profitability and help you obtain profits.

There are many ways to make your sales team more productive; unlike popular opinion, you don’t need a big budget or shift to do so. Let’s go over some ways to boost productivity in sales.

Ensuring your sales team has access to the right data

Most salespeople are given a sales quota and activity metrics to help them reach it. In sales, it’s essential to read and use the data daily. 

Assume that you have a fantastic and skilled team, but it doesn’t have access to accurate data. What will happen here? Sales processes will become unorganised.

To use data as a powerful tool, you must provide your team with the right data. Handling this data manually can lead to discrepancies.  Some examples of data they can obtain are the time the sales team spent in meetings, the data regarding the customer, the number of calls made to customers, and so on. You can use Biz Analyst to maintain the data for more efficiency and better management.

Structuring the day of your sales team

One of the most important things you can do to improve your sales performance is focus on the right task at the right time. If you don’t do things like put time on your calendar to make sure you have enough time to do your work, you might be letting some important tasks slide. As a result, it can hurt your sales performance in the long run. To avoid this, make a sales plan that will help your sales team be more productive by making them understand how their jobs fit into the overall goal of your business, like client retention or business

Productivity 1

So, if you have a team of 10 people and want to assign 50 leads per day per personnel, the best idea would be to align a checklist of the tasks to be performed on each lead and let the team know how many minutes to spend on each lead. It will ensure that each person knows their daily goals and does not take more time than necessary for one specific lead. Using the right tools to plan your team’s day can help you save time and ensure that the assigned tasks are completed. For example, Biz Analyst can help you determine inactive items in inventory not sold yet, and then you can redirect the sales team to focus on selling those products accordingly.

Set specific goals

Setting specific goals can help boost sales performance. You need to be clear about what you want to accomplish, plan how you want to do it, and tell your managers and peers about your goals so they can help keep you on track and hold you accountable. By giving your sales team these goals, you give them a chance to push themselves and do even better. For example, the sales team may target cold calling 50 prospects a week/increase revenue in a quarter by increasing sales.

Planning and setting goals is just the first step. A lot goes into accomplishing these goals and achieving the desired results. It is essential to have a good sales tool to take care of whether these goals are being met. For example, Biz Analyst can help you view inactive customers who have not purchased any product/service from the business. Hence, the sales team can plan to contact these customers strategically and encourage them to purchase a product/service.

Hold regular team meetings

The most central strategy to improve the sales productivity at an organisation is to conduct regular team meetings. Your sales team must meet regularly so they can share information and discuss the challenges they are facing. These meetings also allow you to check in with your team members on how things are going and offer support if they need it. 

Additionally, in various organisations, long gaps between the weekly or monthly meetings, or not having an efficient system have some irregular consequences. For example, when an important business meeting is not scheduled on time, it will see delayed decision-making.

team meetings

So, the tip of the iceberg is to span the process of scheduling the meetings through an efficient tool that offers zero barriers to smooth decision-making. If your company doesn’t have regular meetings scheduled yet, consider holding one yourself or reach out to some of the leading service providers for your business sum and substance. Keeping track of these meetings can be very easy with the right business  intelligence tool that sends the necessary reminders and can be used to keep a check on time spent on different activities. One can also use it to view the total number of meetings that have been scheduled and have taken place.

Measure and keep track of sales activities

To improve your sales performance, you need to know what you’re doing well and where you’re falling short. So always keep a close eye on your quantitative and qualitative progress. Dashboards are great for this kind of purpose. You can use them to see trends and learn essential things about each salesperson’s activity-based metrics. For example, you can see the level of sales each salesperson in your company helped achieve. In addition, mobile applications like Biz Analyst integrated with TallyPrime allow you to track your sales data efficiently.

Improvise Sales through Automation

To make your sales team more productive, you must ensure they use their time well. To address this issue, you will need to switch from manual processes, such as writing data on pieces of paper or notebooks, to automating workflows. This saves the sales team time and takes away the frustration that comes with doing the same things over and over again. In addition, this lets them focus on their primary job, which is selling. It would be best if you have an application that helps you with the automation processes.

The advanced tools like Biz Analyst automate the sales process from taking the follow-ups to data entry to scheduling the meetings, thus saving the time by eliminating all the redundant processes. Moreover, you can filter meetings according to the date and hence automate the meeting management process, enabling quicker decision making on the part of your business sales team.

Align sales and marketing

Too often, a company’s marketing and sales teams may not be in sync with each other. You don’t want to be in a situation where the sales team is throwing away leads from marketing that isn’t very good. Regular meetings between your sales and marketing teams can help you get more qualified leads. Using advanced technology like Biz Analyst you can easily manage and align the work of the two departments. It will help you manage and oversee the performance of both teams. For example, sales reports may show that green tea is not sold as much as other products, like tea with milk. Hence, the marketing and sales teams can combine efforts to promote the product through personalised marketing communications and rigorously contact customers by calling them.

Equipping your sales team with the right sales tools

One way for a business to automate its sales is to buy the right tools. Biz Analyst  tool can help organise and keep track of data and can help your sales team do more business. For example, to equip your sales team with the right tools, Biz Analyst mobile application is a fantastic choice. This application has many additional features to help build and grow your business and secure your data. Among the many features are sales order analysis, location-wise sales, sales meeting time analysis, instant sales order sharing, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Your business grows because your sales staff sells your goods. However, improving the team’s sales output is not a one-time thing. Instead, it’s a process that never ends. You need to take the right steps to help you keep improving sales processes over time.

So, it can be hard to know which tools will help you grow your business if you’re a business owner or just starting. The Biz Analyst app is a great way to track and analyse your sales data. It’s like having an entire team of data analysts in your pocket. You can use it to get an overview of how your company is doing, compare different periods (like various quarters) and even export your data for deeper analysis. If you’re looking for a tool that helps you organise sales data, Biz Analyst can help. It will help you ensure that your sales team achieves the required productivity in sales.



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