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Analyse your business data on a highly secure Mobile App and take smart decisions with Biz Analyst


Why choose Biz Analyst as your business companion?

View sales, collections, inventories, receivables & payables, expenses and other transactions with Biz Analyst. Biz Analyst seamlessly integrates with Tally ERP 9 or TallyPrime to help businesses make better data-driven decisions. Staying connected on the Go was never so easy!

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Manage Outstanding Reminders easily

With Biz Analyst, share payment reminders with debtors, reduce payment delays and improve your cash flows.

Analyse sales with Biz Analyst

Through Biz Analyst, you can view sales according to location, stock item, month, and more. Identify sales patterns and analyse your data.

Easy Shareability

Create and share orders, invoices, statements, reports and receipts and share via email or WhatsApp instantly.

Empower your sales team

Empower your sales team by providing team members with the right data. Create sales orders, receipts and follow up with your customers.

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Top Features of Biz Analyst Software

It’s time to increase business efficiency with Biz Analyst Software.

View and filter reports

View reports like sales, purchase, and so on. Filter reports according to the time period and share reports with other individuals.

Data Protection Mechanisms

An OTP is sent to the user when anyone logs into Biz Analyst, ensuring that the application remains secure.

Analyse Sales and Purchase Orders

View all sales and purchase orders and easily share order reports with members of the organisation.

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Expense Tracking and Analysis

Track all types of expenses like direct and indirect expenses and analyse whether they can be reduced.

View inactive customers

With Biz Analyst, view all inactive customers who have not engaged in any sales or purchases, allowing you to focus on customer retention strategies.

Analyse inventories easily

Biz Analyst enables businesses to analyse inventories and view data like stock value, item price list and tax details for each item.

How it Works

Step One

Download Desktop Application

Install the desktop application and add the companies with which you wish to sync Tally ERP 9/Prime.

Step Two

Download Mobile Application

Log in and start viewing your data using Biz Analyst.

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