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5 proven benefits of implementing Tally on Cloud!

Tally On cloud

In today’s business scenario, Tally is a widely accepted accounting software being used by many businesses. With technology playing an important role in the growth of small businesses, organisations have been looking to add tech solutions that can help them simplify processes, boost income and help reduce costs. 

In an effort to achieve the same, an easy low maintenance and economical way of running your Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime is through implementing Tally On cloud. With Tally on cloud, you get the freedom to access your tally data with any device from anywhere at anytime. 

Lets know more about how Tally on cloud, can help you – 

    1. Access Tally Data Anytime Anywhere 

    The key reason why more and more companies are deciding to opt for cloud computing (read cloud accounting) is the ease of accessing data remotely. For business owners, when it comes to decision making having access to business data becomes crucial, and access to this data when traveling, can become cumbersome. With Tally on cloud, it becomes easier to access such business data from any location at any given point in time. 

    Not just this, with Tally on cloud, you also get the flexibility to access tally data using any device, i.e. now you can access tally data with your macOS devices as well, which was earlier a limitation. Tally on cloud has helped in creating an environment where companies can store data at one place, but remotely manage their accounting data from various location. Therefore, it makes sense to use a cloud accounting technology for companies that would want to facilitate data access across locations for ease of business continuity.

    1. Flexible as per your needs

    The majority of cloud accounting software uses a standardised format. Not everyone would be able to provide with solutions that meet your company needs, whether they relate to users, the extent of your operations, validity, etc. However, a compliant cloud accounting software will provide you with possibilities to tailor the usage options as and when the need arises and solutions that are helpful for your demands.

      1. Robust Data Security

      Cloud for Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime provides robust data security. With intuitive cloud accounting software, you will always work on an updated version and your accounts and records are backed up with high security and encryption. Ensuring that all security features are up-to-date with the latest protocols that give flexibility to isolate accounts from other accounts, with no possibility of licenses, thus, dodging any sort of data leakage

        1. Cost Effective 

        Tally on Cloud lowers the majority of your hardware and software installation costs as well as other equipment expenditures because everything is managed virtually through the cloud. Thus, Tally on Cloud simplifies and boosts the effectiveness of all hardware management and other limitations. Since a cloud-based server doesn’t require as much expense upfront as a physical server does, the upfront costs for Tally on Cloud are much lesser than those for a physical server.

          1. Real-time Data 

          Tally on cloud is the best choice for your business to keep you in sync with all the branches to take decisions on time, reducing the decision-making time. It helps to keep data centralized, improving overall efficiency and boosting the productivity of the businesses, and reduce inter-departmental dependency.

          That’s not all; there are many more features on tally on cloud that you and your organization can take advantage from. Bring tally on cloud today and manage your inventories anywhere & anytime.

          To know more about tally on cloud features, and how it can be beneficial to your business, contact the leading tally partner Nandini Infosys.



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