How to use tally software for accounting

Why do businesses need accounting software in the first place? Manual accounting is a long and tedious process, which involves data entry, reconciliation, and reporting manually. This consumes a lot of time and is not so easy to maintain when large quantities of data/transactions are to be recorded. Hence, accounting software comes to the rescue […]

What is TSS in Tally – Tally Software Subscription

The software has to stay ahead with the continuously evolving technology as the computer hardware is improving by increasing the computing speed and performance. We have all seen the size of HardDisk or memory reducing by size and increasing incapacity. To remain compatible with hardware, the software industry is in a continuous grind to deliver […]

Tally for SMEs – Features, History & Advantage

Innovative solution – Launched by today TSPL – Tally Solutions Private limited in 1988 – Tally 4.5 was the most successful and the only accounting software available in the market when computers were a luxury. Gradually newer versions of Tally were introduced as the computer software industry was also upgrading operating systems Microsoft from DOS […]