5 Software To Break Location Barriers and Improve Business Performance

Improve Business Performance

In every company, there is data and information available on various aspects of the business. Whether it’s team member payroll, attendance, financial data, or any other specifics, they are important to assess whether the company is progressing towards its goals or not. Accessing this data from any location is crucial, to ensure decision making can take place easily.

Hence, on that note, let’s take a look at the top 5 software that can help you manage your business better, from anywhere, anytime, and improve performance of operations.  

Biz Analyst

Imagine you’re a business owner travelling from one city to another by plane. Suddenly, you remember that your sales team has planned several sales meetings lined up in one day. You wish to check the status of the sales meetings and wonder if there is a method to do the same swiftly.

In a situation like the above, Biz Analyst integrated with the Tally Mobile app comes in handy. This software helps you manage the business through analytical overviews with the help of Tally data from any location and time. This is made possible by your Tally data integrated with the Biz Analyst application.

Tally on Cloud

Organising and using financial data in an organisation irrespective of location is crucial for every business. Luckily, TallyPrime is a software that helps use classic Tally features and more, remotely from any location in the world. The usual concept of TallyPrime involves using it from a specific computer/laptop, where one cannot share data with other devices. With the changing times, Tally on Cloud was launched, helping businesses use data faster. 

tally on cloud

Tally on Cloud varies from the usual TallyPrime local server in the way that TallyPrime is hosted on a virtual server. Even if you wish to collaborate with other users and view financial data at the same time as them, this is possible.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customers are the lifeline of any business. Without them, a company cannot continue to survive in the market. Managing them is essential for both business survival and growth in the long run.

Often, the data about clients stays within an organisation. It often becomes challenging to keep track of the entire company’s client base, and sales team members may have to coordinate amongst themselves. They may be confused regarding aspects like whether one delivered a product on time to the customer, pending orders, etc. Coordination becomes challenging when sales team members are spread across cities or countries. The need for a proper system arises to manage clients efficiently, and CRM software helps achieve this goal.

Depending upon individual preferences, you can send marketing communications to your clients. Personalised SMS and emails are examples of how one can  reach clients effectively.

Besides leads management, addressing customer issues as and when they arise becomes easy. You can ensure the satisfaction of your clients by resolving any concerns from time to time.

Business Intelligence

You can view the data generated in a business daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually of your organisation. However, chances are high that the data you have may be required, even if you are not in the same place where your business office is present. So, business intelligence tools are needed to access data, even if you are out of station. You can access data related to the business, like revenue and profits on a daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can make predictions about revenue, cost, etc., and use data for managing business performance.


Keeping track of employee attendance and salaries is an administrative task every firm must perform. Using PagarBook, even if you are a business owner who frequently travels for sales meetings, you can view which employees were present in the office on any specific day. Employees can mark their attendance through the facial attendance system, and their manager or founder, or any person senior to them in position can approve this by only the click of a few buttons.


Nandini Infosys offers product and service solutions that help you manage your business performance and help your organisation grow. If you want to know more about us, click on this link.



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