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Biz Analyst: The New Way To Boost Your Company’s Productivity

Biz Analyst

What is Biz Analyst?

Biz Analyst integrated with Tally mobile app helps you view Tally data on your phone. It is a business intelligence software that includes Tally integration and syncing to help you manage your finances and make smart business decisions. You are not required to rely on your accountants or the office location to access sales orders, purchase orders, and other financial data. You can track and manage payables, receivables, cash, and bank balances with the Biz Analyst application integrated with Tally on your mobile phone.

Biz Analyst supports cash flow, inventory, sales management, and advanced features for managing daybooks, transactions, and expenses. This tool for small businesses retrieves reports from Tally on your mobile device, providing real-time data for a bird’s eye view of the entire business. Sales and marketing teams use business intelligence software to capture customer purchase patterns and payment information and identify opportunities for upselling.

Read in detail how to use Biz Analyst to boost your business productivity, through using Biz Analyst’s features:

  • Improve sales team’s productivity

With Biz Analyst, you can easily manage customer visits, take notes on their needs, geo-track the location of your sales representatives, and send follow-up reminders. You can also view their weekly and monthly reports and see how many meetings they have and how much time they spend. These benefits add up to time savings and increased team productivity. In addition, biz Analyst helps you analyse sales for various items in various locations. You can also identify inactive customers and reach out to them for upselling opportunities. 

  • Improved data management and organisation

Here is how Biz Analyst helps improve both data management and data organisation:

Improved data management: Biz Analyst makes it simple to view direct and indirect expenses and generate detailed reports on completed transactions. Using the Biz Analyst business intelligence platform, you can also obtain information about opening and closing balances for the specified time, view vouchers, manage daybooks, and create or share entries. Moreover, quick visibility of sales invoices, sales orders, purchase invoices, purchase orders, payments, receipts, and quotations becomes possible. Quick visibility of all data accelerates decision-making within the enterprise by members like sales representatives, stock managers, etc. It saves time, speeds up transactions, and improves overall performance and productivity.

Easier data organisation: Biz Analyst integrated with Tally helps manage all data entry tasks directly. Users can add additional users, such as the sales team, senior management, accountant, and so on, and show them only data relevant to them. Access can be restricted by salesperson, stock group, screen, etc. Hence, data management is more organised, and one can quickly discover and make use of the data they actually require to perform the tasks assigned to them. Furthermore, when a team member is removed from the app, their data is automatically deleted. It is a risk-free and effective way to boost their productivity.

  • Send automatic reminders to clients

You can send multiple automatic outstanding reminders to your clients in one email or WhatsApp message and get paid faster. Biz Analyst allows users to set reminders for specific dates and times to follow up with customers on new sales, view outstanding payments, and receive notification reminders. You can send your sales team reminders and keep track of all the follow-ups they need to complete. Sending reminders helps ensure that no tasks are missed and completed within the set timelines. Hence, with Biz Analyst, all work takes place smoothly within the organisation.

In a nutshell…

By reading this blog, we hope you’ve obtained a better understanding of what is Biz Analyst, how to use Biz Analyst to boost company productivity and the features of Biz Analyst. Biz Analyst integrated with Tally on mobile app allows you to save time, money, and effort, which can then be used to make other important business decisions and improve your business. If you wish to learn more about Biz Analyst, click here.



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