Top 6 Advantages of Power BI Over Other Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence market size is expected to reach $39.35 billion by 2027. (Fortune Business Insights, 2019)

As is the case with all forms of technology, business intelligence tools have undergone many changes over the past few decades. Most of these changes have been for the better while others have run into obscurity in the business intelligence market. 

Power BI is one such piece of software that has risen above its competition. With Business Intelligence becoming an ever-growing field where professionals need to put in more clients and make more money, having a tool as simple as Power BI can help you run your business efficiently and swiftly. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Marketing Manager or just a small business owner looking for a way to develop your franchise, if you want to build yourself an impressive career, here are 6 advantages that you need to leverage, provided by Power BI.

  1. Cost

Power BI is a full-fledged business intelligence suite that’s also modestly-priced when compared to platforms like Tabelau and Datapine. Power BI users can leverage a long roster of features like shared data collaboration, automatic data updates, dashboard creation options, and more. Power BI also offers a free version of their software, titled ‘Power BI Desktop’, where users can kick off their business intelligence journey with data visualisations. 

  1. Data Preparation Suite

Power BI is a robust yet flexible data platform where it has powerful ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools at the user’s disposal. Data preparation takes up almost 3/4ths of the time reserved for report creation. Power BI’s ETL tools reduce that time significantly so the report can be generated quickly. Moreover, in Power BI, reporting data marts can be built within, eliminating the need to go to third party data mart processors. 

  1. Customizable Data Visualisations

Data visualisation is the process of creating visual representations of actionable data points. Since visual learning aids in knowledge retention, the data visualisations prove useful in delivering important intelligence through graphs, bar charts, tables. comparisons, and more.    

Power BI allows Data Scientists to create alluring and highly tactical reports where visual elements are developed by a community of data scientists and Microsoftpersonnel. These can be downloaded and used when needed. This is rarely the case with contemporary BI service providers, where a community thrives around the BI software. Power BI offers flexibility with built-in visuals that is unmatched, making this an extremely powerful tool.

  1. Natural Language Query Capabilities

Power BI offers a feature called Natural Language Query (Q&A), which allows users to enter a question and the software chooses relevant visualisations to answer it. User reviews posted by a community of Power BI users deem it powerful and easy to use. These visualisations need not be inbuilt or be created by the author of the dashboard. They can be downloaded online, as mentioned in the previous point. Such an advantage opens up many possibilities for data representation.   

  1. Easier Learning Curve 

Power BI is easier to use when compared to other business intelligence software available in the market. Its user interface is akin to the Office 365 layout, especially Microsoft Excel. This familiarity is what drives business intelligence beginners to start with Power BI as they feel right at home when using the software. 

Power BI is learned through an intuitive learning curve. The business intelligence software brings DAX (Data Analytics Expression) to the table, which revolutionises the way we think about how to efficiently filter, select, merge, and manipulate data.

  1. Data Reports Can Be Shared Easily

Rich and interactive data visualisation reports can be created and shared through the Power BI online service to make collaboration and teamwork easy in an organisation. Power BI alternatives like Tableau, on the contrary, only have integrated sharing options that lack customisation faculties. Therefore, Power BI is more robust in many ways than one can imagine. 

Data can make or break a business. Yet, pre-processing it to make meaningful insights that can help a business get new customers or rectify internal operational problems is a long haul. A solution that is user-friendly and efficient can push a business thousands of miles if its adoption is easy and the cost is low. Power BI is all that and more. You can learn more about Power BI and business intelligence on the Nandini Infosys main website. Stay tuned!  



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