How Tally Prime can be your best billing and invoicing partner

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How TallyPrime can be your best billing and invoicing partner 

More than 70% of consumers believe that companies should collaborate on their behalf so they don’t have to repeat information to different representatives. (Zendesk)

Thinking about starting a new business? Well, It’s not an easy feat to build a business from scratch. You’ll have to perform market analyses for starters, define your products/services, and establish a streamlined management vertical to get started with basics of laying the business’ foundation.    

While market analyses and the process of defining services is rather straightforward, management can be termed more loosely as an art.  

A newly started entrepreneur can refine the art of business through innovative tools. This is where Nandini Infosys’ TallyPrime solution comes into play. TallyPrime is one of the most robust and business-easing software solutions. Using this tool, entrepreneurs can handle billing, invoicing, banking, and taxation effortlessly through automation. Let’s take a look at the features TallyPrime provides in-depth. 

GST compliant Invoice on your fingertips

With TallyPrime, entrepreneurs can easily email and print an invoice professionally drafted by the software in a matter of seconds. There are a host of configurable options to tailor the invoice as per the client’s and entrepreneur’s needs. This includes the addition of the company logo, address, GSTIN  and similar information to authenticate the invoice.   

TallyPrime aids in generating a variety of GST invoices, miscellaneous tax invoices, bill of supply, and most importantly, an e-Way bill. The automation and algorithmic advantage stops you from having to re-enter details in the e-Way bill portal again and again. E-invoices can be generated and printed instantly by scanning IRN and QR code as well.  

Sale and Purchase Management made flexible

Purchase and sales cycles differ for different clients. TallyPrime developers understood that need and created a flexible billing system where settings are saved with respect to different buyers. Inventories are updated with respect to billing uniquely. Purchase orders, debit notes, and credit notes are always up-to-date when you use TallyPrime. 

Different billing formats for different needs

Billing formats for product-based business and service-based businesses are different. TallyPrime adheres to that by introducing different billing formats. You can even implement a subscription-based billing vertical for your buyers.   

Multiple currency support

TallyPrime’s billing and invoicing system is dynamic in nature. One of the dynamic elements is the Forex-integrated multi-currency support. Suppose you’re an export house that has to deal with foreign clients. You’ll naturally have transactions involving foreign currency. Keeping the foreign exchange rates up to date manually within a basic accounting software will be a hassle in this case. With TallyPrime, you can work with inbuilt currencies that are often adjusted with the rising and falling forex rates. 

Multiple levels of pricing 

Sometimes you have to manage different pricing schemes for different groups of people. You might want to create separate pricing levels for retailing, wholesaling, online sales, and more. With TallyPrime you can set up different price lists and group-specific discounts. Multiple levels of pricing helps in faster order filing without errors. 

Auto reconciliation of bank statements

TallyPrime can reconcile long lists of bank statements in seconds. Users will have to download e-statement online from their respective bank portals. By pressing Alt+G and selecting ‘Bank Reconciliation’, the user can important the downloaded e-statement and the transactions will be reconciled within TallyPrime automatically. TallyPrime supports more than 100 banks for bank reconciliation.

As you can see, TallyPrime can be the perfect accounting and invoicing partner for your young business through these market-unique features. You’ll also get these features on cloud with ‘Tally on Cloud’.   

By choosing Nandini Infosys as your TallyPrime partner, you’ll be able to implement TallyPrime in your office with minimal business process disruption, not to forget we have industry-leading Tally experts who’ll help you get started promptly. Contact us today to transform your business!   



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