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7 Ways How Using Tally on Cloud Can Benefit Businesses

tally on cloud

Business information is extremely crucial, and hence must be accessible at all times. Stakeholders, decision makers and other individuals may sometimes travel from one location to another and require access to their accounting information using Tally. In such a scenario, Tally on Cloud comes to their rescue, using which they can access their Tally data anytime and anywhere.

Tally on Cloud provides access to critical business data from any location and enables Tally users to break the location barrier. Tally On Cloud is a solution that makes it possible for businesses to reap the benefits of high business performance without any obstructions.

Tally On Cloud

What is Tally On Cloud?

Tally on Cloud is when the Tally software is installed on a cloud server at Data Centres. Through Tally cloud solutions, users can access Tally.ERP 9 / TallyPrime from any remote location and any device. This varies from the usual process of using the software through the PC/laptop.

In this blog, we’ve listed the 7 benefits of using Tally on Cloud for businesses.

Benefits of Tally on Cloud For Businesses

  • Remote accessibility

By using Tally on Cloud, businesses owners/accountants/chartered accounts can access Tally data remotely from anywhere and collaborate. This saves the otherwise travel cost which an accountant might have spent, hence making it a low-cost, economical feature. In addition, this ensures uninterrupted business performance as all Tally users do not need to be in a specific location to use the software.

  • Scalable software

When organisations grow, the amount of data also increases and so does the need to access it. The number of users who access this data also increase drastically. With the growing needs of an organisation, Tally on Cloud enables the storage of high volumes of data on Cloud and ensures ease of access to multiple users across locations. Tally’s scalability feature benefits such organisations by providing access to multiple users through a single Tally software from any location. This minimises the cost implications, yet makes the software scalable and a preferred choice by companies.

  • Ensures team collaboration

By using Tally on Cloud, multiple users can view, access, and share data within the organisation, from anywhere and at any time, helping teams work collaboratively.

  • Highly secure software

Tally on Cloud is a highly secure software that enables users to back up their data as and when required. Moreover, multi-layer data security enables companies to safeguard themselves from any attacks or data loss.

  • Low Maintenance Solution

Tally Cloud-based services help avoid the costs of regular server maintenance, electricity, etc., and are a low-maintenance solution for businesses.

  • Provide user rights for better accessibility

Tally users can provide access rights to users and set rights regarding what each user can do while using the software. This improves accessibility as multiple users can take actions using the data, and hence, there is faster collaboration between users.  For example, an admin may give a user rights to only view the data and not provide the user with any editing rights.

  • Easy data export for greater functionality

Using Tally On Cloud, you can export accounting data and other accounting data to local hard drives. This ensures that data is readily available for better visibility and quicker decision-making.


Tally On Cloud is a solution for businesses looking to boost business productivity. To know more about the tally cloud solutions that Nandini Infosys offers.



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